$5000 Putting Contest at your 2017 Golf Outing

Here’s some good news: You can pay less than $200 and include a $5000 Putting Contest at your charity golf tournament!
Here’s some more good news: Charge your players a $5 entry fee, and you only need 40 golfers to cover the cost!
Still not satisfied? What if you get a sponsor for the putting contest and now you’re in the black with a net profit before the golf outing even begins! (And that sponsor will look like hero who’s putting up $5000…which, of course, they’re not. WE ARE!)
Want more? You’ve got it! Use the contest to attract more players, sponsors and attention to your event; advertise and promote it every chance you get. Someone in your tournament will get a chance to win $5000 cash by making JUST ONE 50 FOOT PUTT! You don’t have to be Tiger Woods to do that!  It’s a slam dunk, right?! So get some serious bang for your buck and order your $5000 Putting Contest from Tournament Pros today! CALL 800-790-4653, email info@tournamentpros.com or stand atop a tall building and give us a shout…we’ll hear you!