Add $1,000,000 To Your Golf Outing!

$1M should catch everyone’s attention. There are sooo many charity golf tournaments all competing for the same golfers.
What can YOU do to separate YOUR golf outing from all the rest? There are only so many events some folks can play in…and no matter how worthy the cause, there are choices to be made. So why not make it EASY for folks to choose your event. Make it fun! Make it different! Make it exciting! Make it memorable! And certainly a chance to win $1,000,000 is ALL of those things! But it costs too much, right? You’re a non-profit looking to raise money, not spend it, right? Well, would you spend $200 if it could bring in 10X that much…or more?! Tournament Pros offers a $1,000,000 shot for under $200!! NOW…you can use that contest to promote your event, attract more golfers, entice more sponsors…and RAISE MORE MONEY! It doesn’t stop there…golfers are a close-knit bunch; once they start telling their friends about your event where someone had a chance to win $1M, the flood gates will open. It’s not every day someone takes a swing at winning a million dollars! Give us a call at 800-790-4653 or email and let us show you how to make your golf tournament stand out from all the others.  And who knows, maybe someone will win $1,000,000 while playing at YOUR golf outing!