Auction For Your Golf Tournament

Why not all three?! If you have the right program in place, you shouldn’t have to spend a dime to get memorabilia pieces for all these formats. Let’s take a closer look at the key components of a good auction program:
1. “On consignment” is the first part of the equation; you need to be able to showcase a piece of memorabilia that you can RETURN if no one bids on it.
2. You should NOT have to pay to have these pieces shipped to you.
3. You should NOT have to pay to ship the pieces back that don’t sell
4. You need to make MORE than the standard 10% on minimum bids that most consignment dealers have always used.
5. You need to make 100% of the profit over the minumum bid.
6. There has to be a way to encourage early bidding (instead of having people wait around til the announcement that “bidding will be closed in 5 minutes”). This one is really important: To maximize your profits, you need to have access to multiple versions of the same piece. This way you can reward EARLY bidding by letting those people get the piece for what they originally bid on it for. Subsequent bidders can ALSO purchase the piece, but they’ll pay the amount that they bid…which would be higher (you set the amount of “minimum increase” per bid).
7. You want the option to put all your memorabilia online. This allows you to reach more people more of the time, i.e. not just the golfers that come to play that day. Not only will this provide you the opportunity to raise more money, it’s a wonderful way to continually get the word out about your organization before, during and after the event.
Tournament Pros can help you put on a successful auction, whether you should choose the live, silent or online version…or all three! Check out our program at  or call 800-790-4653 or email

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