Holiday Gifts Galore!

‘Tis the season for giving! And if you’re going to give, why not spread “the word” at the same time; we can put your logo on almost ANYTHING! Check out the current gifts we have at …all of which INCLUDE your logo in the listed price. You could reward your ... Read More

Calling All Fall Tournaments!

Good news…there’s plenty of time to make this year’s golf outing the absolute best ever. And all you have to do is call Tournament Pros at 800-790-4653! We can help you raise more money than ever before with lots of great prizes, auction items, contests, sponsor signs and much more! ... Read More

Play Golf. Have Fun. Raise Money.

Charity golf tournaments are fun! And an easy way to generate revenue for the cause. Well, maybe not THAT easy…but we can help make it easier! Tournament Pros has been helping organizations like yours raise money at their golf outings since 1993. We can help you with almost everything that happens the day of the event, ... Read More

Risk-Free Live or Silent Auction Items

Free is good, right? Especially if you’re trying to raise money–not spend it–for your organization. Whether you’re having a golf tournament, gala dinner or just a gathering of friends…this is a great way to raise revenue without spending a dime. We call it “Auction-in-a-box”…and here’s how it works: Our professionals ... Read More

Helicopter Ball Drop at Your 2017 Golf Outing?

Why not?! And here’s a little tip: If you can’t secure an actual helicopter, you can use lots of other things…including a ladder! Tournament Pros has been helping charity golf tournaments raise more money since 1993; we’ll show you the many ways you can generate more revenue at your event…like ... Read More

Need More Sponsors for your 2017 Golf Tournament??

Who doesn’t?!? Many organizations make the mistake of worrying too much about how many golfers they have instead of how many sponsors!!And it’s the latter that will most impact your bottom line. Events with less than 100 players routinely raise more money than those with full fields (144)  when the effort to secure ... Read More

$5000 Putting Contest at your 2017 Golf Outing

Here’s some good news: You can pay less than $200 and include a $5000 Putting Contest at your charity golf tournament! Here’s some more good news: Charge your players a $5 entry fee, and you only need 40 golfers to cover the cost! Still not satisfied? What if you get ... Read More

FUN Ways to RAISE $ for your 2017 Golf Outing

How can you entertain the troops AND raise money at your charity golf tournament? Let us count the ways: 1. $5000 Putting Contest 2. Million Dollar Shot 3. Scratchcards 4. Auction 5. Trick Shot Show 6. Golf Challenge 7. Las Vegas Hole 8. SuperTicket Or just contact Tournament Pros at ... Read More

Player Gift Ideas for your 2017 Golf Outing

What’s that saying…”You only have one chance to make a good first impression”? Ain’t it the truth! And that certainly applies to the world of golf tournament fundraisers. Players have an ever growing number of choices which golf outings to play in, as more and more non-profits are realizing the ... Read More