Calling All 2017 Charity Golf Tournaments!!

Happy New Year!! And now…it’s time to get to work! No matter WHEN your golf outing is this year…you CANNOT start planning TOO SOON!!
And you CANNOT go it alone. Step number uno is undoubtedly the most important…get some help!! A committee is essential for a number of reasons: 1. There’s just too much work involved in putting on a successful charity golf tournament for one person; players, sponsors, course, registration, volunteers, contests, prizes, pairings, food, awards, auction, raffle, etc. etc. etc. 2. YOU only know so many people and have so many connections. Why not multiply that number by 6 or 10! These people know people (more players!) and have their own business connections (more sponsors!). 3. Delegate! Delegate! Delegate! Which is very hard to do if it’s a committee of one! 4. The more people involved in your golf outing, the faster things get done…and there’s a LOT to get done; course selection, invitations, promotion and marketing, gathering golfers and sponsors are all just for starters. After you form a committee for your charity tournament, the second most important thing you can do for the success of your golf outing is call the professionals that have been helping non-profits raise more money at golf tournaments for 24 years! Tournament Pros is your one-stop shop for contests, hole-in-one coverage, raffle prizes, awards, memorabilia for live and silent auctions, sponsor signs, and t-prizes/player gifts. Call us at 800-790-4653 or email We stand ready to help 2017 be your most successful golf outing EVER!