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$5000 Putting Contest at your 2017 Golf Outing

Here’s some good news: You can pay less than $200 and include a $5000 Putting Contest at your charity golf tournament! Here’s some more good news: Charge your players a $5 entry fee, and you only need 40 golfers to cover the cost! Still not satisfied? What if you get ... Read More

FUN Ways to RAISE $ for your 2017 Golf Outing

How can you entertain the troops AND raise money at your charity golf tournament? Let us count the ways: 1. $5000 Putting Contest 2. Million Dollar Shot 3. Scratchcards 4. Auction 5. Trick Shot Show 6. Golf Challenge 7. Las Vegas Hole 8. SuperTicket Or just contact Tournament Pros at ... Read More

Player Gift Ideas for your 2017 Golf Outing

What’s that saying…”You only have one chance to make a good first impression”? Ain’t it the truth! And that certainly applies to the world of golf tournament fundraisers. Players have an ever growing number of choices which golf outings to play in, as more and more non-profits are realizing the ... Read More

Split a $1,000,000 Shot at your Charity Golf Tournament!

Any golfer would be thrilled with the opportunity to take home $500,000…so why not take the other half for your organization?! After all, that’s what the golf outing is all about; FUNDRAISING! And $500K is a lot of fund raising! AND FUN!  Best of all, Tournament Pros is offering the ... Read More

Putting Contests for Your 2017 Golf Outing

Add some real excitement to your charity golf tournament this year with a $5000 Putting Contest! It’s a great way to generate some extra revenue, and best of all, YOU don’t need to come up with the $5000 if someone wins; that’s what we do! Tournament Pros offers TWO OPTIONS ... Read More

Calling All 2017 Charity Golf Tournaments!!

Happy New Year!! And now…it’s time to get to work! No matter WHEN your golf outing is this year…you CANNOT start planning TOO SOON!! And you CANNOT go it alone. Step number uno is undoubtedly the most important…get some help!! A committee is essential for a number of reasons: 1. ... Read More

2017: Your Best Golf Outing Ever!

The goal is simple: Raise more money at next year’s charity golf tournament than you ever have before. The plan is straightforward: 1. A full field of golfers 2. Lots of raffle prizes 3. A fun contest package 4. A cost-free live AND silent auction 5. SPONSORS! SPONSORS! And more ... Read More

ONE-STOP-SHOP for Charity Golf Tournaments

Already thinking about how to raise more money at next year’s golf outing? Good! You should be! The more time you give yourself to prepare for the event, the better. But Tournament Pros can make your job a whole lot easier…because we can take care of virtually everything that happens ... Read More

It’s Never Too Early…

…to start planning next year’s charity golf outing! The most common mistake we say organizations make is waiting until the last minute to get everything together they need to put on a successful tournament. There’s just too much to do in too short a time if you wait until the ... Read More

Keep Fundraising AFTER Your Golf Outing!

Why stop now? You’re on a roll! So how do you keep it going?? Tournament Pros has a couple of great ideas: Poker ScratchCards: They only cost $1/card…and there are 53 ways to win CASH on EVERY card that WE pay out. Hopefully you had some at your golf tournament, and ... Read More