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Volunteers Can Make or Break Your Golf Outing!

A charity golf tournament is a big undertaking. And the pay off is the day of the event…the smoother everything runs, the happier your golfers and attendees are. And the happier your golfers and attendees are…the bigger your event is bound to grow and the more money you’re bound to ... Read More

The Key To Raising $ At Your Charity Golf Outing…

…is to ask for it!!!! Everyone coming to your event expects to spend a little money…so don’t be afraid to take it! But the key is to do so in subtle, yet entertaining ways! Besides the obvious raffle tickets, mulligans and auction items, there are a few ways to “help” ... Read More

Add $1,000,000 To Your Golf Outing!

$1M should catch everyone’s attention. There are sooo many charity golf tournaments all competing for the same golfers. What can YOU do to separate YOUR golf outing from all the rest? There are only so many events some folks can play in…and no matter how worthy the cause, there are ... Read More

Generate Revenue BEFORE and AFTER Your Golf Outing!

Why limit your fundraising efforts to the day of the tournament?? Tournament Pros has fun scratch cards that can be sold weeks–or months!–before and after your event. Our Texas Hold’em cards have cash prizes that WE pay out…and there are 53 winning combinations on EVERY card! These fun cards cost ... Read More

Make Your Golf Outing Memorable

We’re not telling you something you don’t already know, but you’re not the first to do a golf tournament to raise money! There are over a million and a half charity fundraising golf outings every year. But the average NET profit is only $5000! How can you make your event ... Read More

Top 10 List: Ways to Raise More Money at Your Golf Outing!

Select a committee to help you (6 to 10 people) Start planning at least six months ahead of time Pick a golf course EVERYONE will want to play Make every committee member responsible for signing up at least four foursomes,2 sponsors…and finding 3 raffle prizes (for free) Sign up some ... Read More

Golf Tournaments By Committee!

After 23 years providing services for charity golf outings, take it from us at Tournament Pros…you can’t go it alone!! Putting on a golf tournament is a huge undertaking. It’s simply too much work for one person…at least if you want to put on a successful event that generates a ... Read More

Make Your Golf Tournament Fun…

And they will come! How do you raise more money at your charity golf outing? Get a lot of people to come, that’s how! The more people, the more sources of revenue for your organization. But there’s a lot of competition out there. What can you do to make your ... Read More