Charity Golf Tournament Registration Do’s & Don’ts


  1. Have lots of volunteers to help
  2. Create a ‘contest package’ so your golfers can pay one time for all the extra stuff
  3. Put the goodie bag at the END of the line, so everyone has to at least hear about all the extra stuff before picking up their player gift(s).
  4. Have a portable credit card machine handy; you don’t want to hear “Sorry, I don’t have any cash.”
  5. Open registration 2 hours before shotgun starts…taking care of the early birds helps prevent congestion
  6. Have multiple copies of the pairing sheet handy for ALL the volunteers.
  7. Coordinate with the Golf Pro about timing for any pre-event activities; lunch, contests, etc.
  8. Have the Pro make CONTINUAL announcements as to when people need to be in their carts
  9. Have clear, concise signs explaining what your selling; contests, raffle tickets, mulligans, etc.
  10. Rehearse with the volunteers; make sure they know what they are doing!
  11. Get volunteers are out to their holes BEFORE the shotgun begin


  1. Ignore or skip any of the Do’s!!!!