Generate Revenue BEFORE and AFTER Your Golf Outing!

Why limit your fundraising efforts to the day of the tournament??
Tournament Pros has fun scratch cards that can be sold weeks–or months!–before and after your event.
Our Texas Hold’em cards have cash prizes that WE pay out…and there are 53 winning combinations on EVERY card!
These fun cards cost only $1/card…but you can sell them for $5 and start raising money well before the day of the
golf tournament. You can use the back of the cards to print information about your organization, the golf outing itself…
or maybe sell that spot to a sponsor for even more revenue!  And why stop raising money when the golf tournament ends;
keep selling these cards!  We also have a golf scratch card…it’s perfect for everyone who
CAN’T make it to the tournament, but still wants to participate. Check out these fun game cards that can help your bottom
line at  or call us at 800-790-4653!