Golf Tournaments By Committee!

After 23 years providing services for charity golf outings, take it from us at Tournament Pros…you can’t go it alone!!
Putting on a golf tournament is a huge undertaking. It’s simply too much work for one person…at least
if you want to put on a successful event that generates a profit. You may know a lot of people and
have a lot of connections, but why not multiply that by the power of the people! You don’t need
dozens of folks to help, or even a dozen; a handful is sufficient. Now you can delegate; give
each committee member a different task, but make EVERYONE responsible for securing sponsors and
players. One person can work with the Pro at the course, another can be in charge of the
goodie bags. Someone can coordinate all the volunteers, while the next can handle setting up registration.
Meet every month at first….starting at least six months out. The last two months step
it up to twice a month, or more if needed. Hold everyone accountable; make them report what
they’ve done…and what they still have to do. Reward performance; give a small gift to
those who go above and beyond the call. It takes the power of people to pull off a
profitable golf tournament! And make sure someone’s job is to find out who can supply
hole-in-one coverage, player gifts, signs, memorabilia for the auction and fun contests for
the players that also raises money for the cause. Wait…that’s Tournament Pros at 800-790-4653, ! . Now you can cross that one off your list 🙂