Helicopter Ball Drop at Your 2017 Golf Outing?

Why not?! And here’s a little tip: If you can’t secure an actual helicopter, you can use lots of other things…including a ladder!
Tournament Pros has been helping charity golf tournaments raise more money since 1993; we’ll show you the many ways
you can generate more revenue at your event…like a ball drop! We’ll give you some ideas on how to secure an actual helicopter,
but if that turns out not to be possible, there are plenty of other ways to drop the ball(s)! Regardless of what method you use,
selling everyone a chance at winning cash or prizes expands the size of your “field”; golfers AND non-golfers alike can participate!
And who says you even have to have a golf tournament! You may not even need a golf course! So many options! So give us a call
at 800-790-4653 or email info@tournamentpros.com.  Let the fun…and FUNdraising begin!!

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