Hole-in-One Prizes

We know it’s an expense you’d rather not have to make, but let’s face it, players these days expect to win a great prize for a hole-in-one at a charity golf event. It would be a PR disaster if a ball found the bottom of the cup on a Par 3 and all you had for the winner was a handshake.  BUT…there’s no reason to break the bank to provide exciting prizes for an ace:  A $10,000 cash main prize along with auxiliary prizes for all the other Par 3’s can cost under $200!  Here’s a couple of important do’s and don’ts when looking for hole-in-one insurance for your golf outing: 1. Make sure the company you’re dealing with is reputable. The fastest way to check that is to get a handful of recent referrals. And not just any referrals. You want to check with golfers who actually got a hole-in-one…and then if they got their prize!! 2. Make sure the main prize you’re getting coverage for comes with extra prizes for the other Par 3 holes. 3. Any hole-in-one coverage worth it’s weight in salt (wonder where that expression comes from?) will also include signs for all the holes. 4. A good insurance policy should allow women playing in your golf outing to hit from a shorter distance than the men.  Here’s a couple more points of interest: Don’t be afraid to let the companies you talk to know you’re shopping around….that’ll ensure your best price. As for the cost…why not get a sponsor to foot the bill?! Tell them you’ll put their name on all the signs…or get different companies to each sponsor one of the Par 3 holes. Now you can splurge a little, get a local dealer to bring out a fancy new car…and really create some buzz for your tournament.  If you have any questions or just want an instant quote…we’d like to throw our hat into the ring: 800-790-4653 or visit our site at www.tournamentpros.com

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