Keep Fundraising AFTER Your Golf Outing!

Why stop now? You’re on a roll! So how do you keep it going??
Tournament Pros has a couple of great ideas:

  1. Poker ScratchCards: They only cost $1/card…and there are 53 ways to win CASH on EVERY card that WE pay out. Hopefully you had some at your golf tournament, and if so, why not keep selling them after the event? You can charge $5/card, or maybe 3 for $10…that’s entirely up to you. And we’ll only charge you the $1/card for the ones you use; send back the ones you don’t for a full refund. If you didn’t have them at the golf outing, you should try some now! You can make them available to all your members, clients, vendors, volunteers, staff, etc. etc. It’s risk-free, so you’re guaranteed to make a profit.
  2. Auction-in-a-Box Program: Here’s another RISK-FREE way to keep on raising money after your golf tournament. We can send you some (more!?) beautiful items that you can either put on your website or display at your organization’s location. Whatever doesn’t sell after any time period you want to set, we’ll come pick it up. And we ship in the pieces at our cost, as well. So there’s no money out-of-pocket. It’s an easy way to add to the bottom line.

So keep the fundraising going after the golf tournament ends by calling Tournament Pros at 800-790-4653.