Make Your Golf Outing Memorable

We’re not telling you something you don’t already know, but you’re not the first to do a golf tournament to raise money! There are over a million and a half charity fundraising golf outings every year. But the average NET profit is only $5000! How can you make your event stand out from the others…and make more money?!?  Golfers know a good deal, and conversely, a bad one when they see it. They’re not going to pay an arm and a leg to play a course they can go to any Saturday with their buddies…at half the price you might be charging. Choose a course they CAN’T play either because it’s too hard to get on…or private. If you have to go with a public facility, don’t make the entry free much more than the regular price. You need to find other ways to raise revenue. And that’s where Tournament Pros can help: We can make your event stand out above the others with exciting contests like a $5000 Putt for Cash, or a $100K Shoot-out, or a…wait for it…$1,000,000 Shot! These all cost less than $200 and create the kind of buzz that helps you attract golfers AND sponsors. These contests help generate added revenue; each contest can be sponsored, and you can charge the golfers to enter them. Plus, you’ve now got some marketing tools to use to promote the tournament; guys can’t putt for $5000 with their buddies on Saturday morning…but now they can at your charity golf event!