Need More Sponsors for your 2017 Golf Tournament??

Who doesn’t?!? Many organizations make the mistake of worrying too much about how many golfers they have instead of how many sponsors!!And it’s the latter that will most impact your bottom line. Events with less than 100 players routinely raise more money than those with full fields (144)  when the effort to secure as many sponsorships as possible become the focal point. Think about it…with sponsors in place well before the day of the tournament, it could RAIN (God forbid!) and you would still make a healthy profit. Think like the stars on the PGA Tour do; if they’re not making $2 off the course for every $1 earned from what happens on the course, they need a new agent!! Get your committee thinking “sponsors first”! Then you don’t need to sweat the weather or cancellations or no-shows…or anything that happens the day of the tournament because you have already banked a net profit. Think outside the box; secure sponsorships for anything and everything; holes, lunch, dinner, the driving range, carts, individual contests, on and on! Anything and everything! And you can call Tournament Pros and we’ll make a sign with that sponsors logo…for anything and everything! Even the name of the tournament can be given to a “Title Sponsor”…for big bucks!! Can you say AT&T Pro Am?!? Give is a call at 800-790-4653 or email and let us show you how to increase your sponsorship dollars today!

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