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Private vs Public…Which Course Is Right For Your Charity Golf Outing?

That’s an easy question, right? Public courses are less expensive…and as a charity, you’re trying to raise money, not spend it!  But wait! Is that what actually happens? Do charities holding their golf tournaments on public courses really raise more money on average than those having their event at a private facility do? That IS an easy question: NO, they don’t!  Every golf outing is different, but statistically speaking, tournaments held on private courses out perform those non-profits who go the public course route. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why. Though it costs more to book a private course, you’ll attract more players who would otherwise not be able to play on the private course. With more people at your event, you’ve now got that many more potential raffle ticket sales, auction buyers, game hole participants…and maybe just more players showing up! That’s not all. At a higher end course, you will have a better chance of attracting more sponsors too…who see a greater upside or roi when linking their businesses to a perceived ‘upscale’ event!  So take it from us here at Tournament Pros…after 23 years helping charities raise more money with our hole-in-one coverage, player gifts, contests, auctions, sponsor signs and much more, we’ve found that organizations holding their charity golf tournaments at private and semi-private courses tend to generate more revenue for their cause than those organizations who go…public! It may cost you a little more on the front end, but you’ve got a better chance of generating more money on the all-important back end!!