Putting Contests for Your 2017 Golf Outing

Add some real excitement to your charity golf tournament this year with a $5000 Putting Contest! It’s a great way to generate some extra revenue, and best of all, YOU don’t need to come up with the $5000 if someone wins; that’s what we do! Tournament Pros offers TWO OPTIONS for your $5000 Putting Contest:

  1. One 50 foot putt: You can have everyone in the golf event pay $5 to try and be the finalist who putts for the cash. Set up a 25 foot putt and give everyone who enters two chances to see how close they can get. Have a volunteer measure the best of the two, Whoever putts the closest is the player who then attempts one putt from 50 feet for $5000…which we pay out! Your cost is only $250.
  2. Consecutive putts: Set up three putts that total 100 feet. Everyone (who pays $5 to enter the contest!) tries to make all three putts in a row which would win them $5000…from us! This version only costs you $1/player…so if you charge players $5 to enter, that’s a $4/player net profit to your charity!

These contests not only add great excitement to the event, they are also a great way to market, promote and advertise for your charity golf outing; golfers don’t have a chance to win $5000 playing with their friends on the weekend at their home course! Call us for all the fun details at 800-790-4653, or email info@tournamentpros.com. We stand ready to make this the best charity golf outing ever for your organization!!