Ready, set, GO!

When should you begin planning your golf tournament? Easy answer…NOW! The biggest problem we run across EVERY YEAR is tournament directors scrambling to get everything ready at the last minute. If possible, you should gather your committee at least SIX MONTHS in advance of your event. You can meet once a month, until a month before the outing, then you should hold weekly meetings to be sure everyone has completed their assigned tasks. Remember, there are MANY things that take a fair amount of time to work out…like getting more golfers and sponsors, not to mention the best deal at the best course you can find. T-prizes also can take up to 8 weeks, especially if you’re logoing the items. Waiting til a month before the event is a recipe for disaster. The sooner you start, the sooner you can spot problem areas. Maybe the golf course you were returning to doesn’t have an opening on your desired date. Maybe some committee members you were counting on aren’t planning to return this year…and they haven’t told anybody! Maybe there are a number of other fundraising events planned for that same time…so the need to reschedule becomes a real possibilty. Whatever the issue, it can be handled…if you’ve given yourself enough time. And last, but certainly not least, there’s nothing that ratchets up the stress level like running against the clock! So stay calm…and start plannning your event NOW!

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