Split a $1,000,000 Shot at your Charity Golf Tournament!

Any golfer would be thrilled with the opportunity to take home $500,000…so why not take the other half for your organization?! After all, that’s what the golf outing is all about; FUNDRAISING! And $500K is a lot of fund raising! AND FUN!  Best of all, Tournament Pros is offering the Million Dollar Shot for less than $200! You can get a sponsor to cover the cost…then use the shot as a promotional and marketing tool to fill the field.

There are many ways to determine the finalist who ultimately will take the shot for the cash:
1. Raffle (and charge to enter!)
2. Closest-to-the-pin winner
3. Someone from the winning foursome
4. Choose the best golfer at the tournament!

The Million Dollar Shot also provides great entertainment value: Have the golfer head to the middle of the 18th fairway after the tournament while everyone is waiting for dinner to be served and is eager to gather around the green to watch. It’s not every day you get a chance to see someone take a swing for a cool $1M!  And if lightening strikes, the golfer–and your organization–have  a memory for a lifetime…not to mention $500K each!

Call us at 800-790-4653 or email info@tournamentpros.com to order your $1,000,000 Shot today!