Start Planning Your Golf Tournament…NOW!

We here at Tournament Pros want to share this advice regarding how early you should start planning for your next charity golf outing: The day after the last one! Or even before! Make it a point to remind everyone at the awards ceremony of next year’s date. You might even consider offering an “early bird special”; sign up now and get 10% off the registration fee! You’ve got a captive audience at the dinner…why wait to start promoting the next tournament?! The day after the golf outing you can send out an email blast thanking everyone for their support…and directing them to where they can
sign up for the next one. Strike while the iron is hot! Tell them about all the exciting contests you’ll be including like the $1,000,000 Shot and the $5000 Putting Contest…both of which Tournament Pros can cover for less than $200! Call us if you want to raise even more money at your golf tournament this year: 800-790-4653,, Sorry, but there’s no rest for the weary…start planning now!