Ben Witter


About the Show

Following a successful collegiate career highlighted by earning 3 time NCAA All American Status and 2 NCAA National Long Drive Championship crowns, Ben put his playing skills to the test on the mini tours and PGA Tour Qualifying School pursuing his lifelong dream of playing on the tour.

This pursuit, however, was cut short by a diagnosis of cancer in 1988. After surgery and extensive radiation treatment, he turned the focus of his career toward teaching the game of golf.

As a teaching pro, he earned the CCCPGA’s 1994 PGA Pro of the Year award and has since taught thousands of players his unique philosophy of the power sources that make up the golf swing and the path to effortless power.

Birth of the Trick Shot Show

During Ben’s stay in the hospital following an extensive surgery and follow up radiation treatment, he would pass the time by bouncing a golf ball off a wedge through the halls at MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center. Nurses & Doctors would watch as Ben did this little wedge routine and it quickly became part of the daily ritual for both Ben and the hospital staff.

He quickly discovered that the more people gathered to watch the more difficult shots he would be able to pull off. On one occasion, someone in the crowd approached Ben about coming to an event and hitting some of his “trick shots” for the participants of his tournament as a means of entertaining them as they were waiting for their dinner. This one event spawned 3 or 4 others, which did the same over and over creating an opportunity for Ben to travel around doing his trick shot show at events all over the world including a recent tour of Southeast Asia and the World Golf Trick Shot Championship in Wales.

Over the years, Ben’s show and instructional philosophy have blended into a single minded belief that has become the focus of not only his amazing trick shot show, but also his instructional theory including his starring role in the award winning instructional DVD series, RIP IT 300 YARDS.

Ben believes, demonstrates, and teaches that sound fundamental swing technique is the underlying key to being able to hit some of the most extreme trick shots ever performed as well as offering a proven success formula for his students.

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