Brad Denton Trick Shot Show…Raise $4500!



1/2 Price Early Bird Special (Only first 2 bookings in each month get this rate so book FAST!)
Regular Fees $2,500 1/2 Price Early Bird Special ONLY
$1,250 (See Details Below

Comedy Golf Trick Shot Show by BRAD DENTON that will Leave em’ with smiles on their faces and something to talk about!

6 Foot Driver  Clip 1Clip 2  6 Foot Driver on Stilts   Clip 1  10 ft Driver   Clip 1Clip 2 Volunteer from Crowd  Clip 1Clip 2Clip 3 For more of Brads fun videos visit
  • Performed for more than 1,200 events in the past 17 years around the US and abroad.
  • Completely in tune and sensitive to the time needs and your agenda during registration and on the course. Other than your players laughing, having a good time and telling you how much they enjoyed the Trick Shot Show and Celebrity Par 3 Challenge, you probably won’t even know I am there.
  •  Show is done during “Filler” time during registration on driving range, so there is nothing additional for you to do, manage or oversee.
  • Brad is equipped with a portable sound system for show and can make announcements to usher players to any locations at the time you choose.
  • $1,000 – $3,000  plus additional revenue to event. Brad’s show and Celebrity Par 3 Challenge can be added as sponsorship option to create additional revenue for your event. I give the sponsor more “Bang For Their Buck” by thanking and introducing them to the crowd. $1,000 -$3,000 for each sponsorship, totaling $3,000 plus all the revenue raised by my celebrity par 3 challenge.

On the course our priorities are to give the players an enjoyable experience and quicken the pace of play. Each group is given a warm welcome and thank you to make them feel appreciated as a supporter of your event. In addition to rubbing elbows with the entertainer, they can use my professional shot (and staff) to help their team score, and another benefit is that my typical close shot speeds up play at the hole. ( players are told that my shot does not count for any hole in one prizes.) Further details are below.


GOLFWEEK MAGAZINE’S “Golf Entertainer Of The Year”



Leave em’ with smiles on their faces and something to talk about!

Just in case you need a good laugh, check out these short video clips of Brad Denton’s COMEDY GOLF TRICK SHOT SHOW.

6 Foot Driver  Clip 1Clip 2                 6 Foot Driver on Stilts Clip 1  10 ft Driver Clip 1Clip 2 Volunteer from Crowd Clip 1Clip 2Clip 3
National Kidney Foundation,

Cadillac Invitational

Brad Denton combines superior golf skills with great humor that culminates into a Comedy/Instructional Trick shot Exhibition that far surpasses any performance of this kind. His unique showmanship attracts the crowds, is a proven icebreaker and brings one and all together for a great show that’s filled with good clean fun, laughter and instruction. We look forward to incorporating his performance into our nationwide circuit of over 120 annual Cadillac Invitational tournaments.”

Nancy Lou Zimmerman, National Golf Program Director, National Kidney Foundation

Youth for Christ,

Northeast Indiana

“Dear Brad,

The people really loved your golf show…… and really loved you as a person. God has given you a real gift and we are grateful for your willingness to share it. If we can be of service to you, maybe talk to any other YFC people, let me know.”

Ron Hege, Executive Director, YFC/Northeast Indiana

Shadowood C.C., Naples FL

“Brad Denton performed his comedy golf trick shot show at our Men’s Invitational Cocktail party the evening between the first and second rounds.  The participants came away saying what a fantastic program it was.  I would recommend Brad for any event that a professional wants to add a touch of class and a great time for everyone.”
Bill Harley, Director of Golf, Shadowood C.C., Naples FL 

Country Club of Fairfax, Fairfax VA

“Brad was the Headline act for our Men’s 3-Day Member-Guest and it was the best entertainment that we’ve ever had for this event.”
Matthew Gallagher, Director of Golf, Country Club of Fairfax, Fairfax VA

The show is done during “filler” time while people are arriving throughout the registration time, and the par 3 challenge is done during the normal course of play without slowing the pace. Most tournaments that he performs at have hole-in-one contests or something similar going on at each par three. My Celebrity Challenge does not interfere, but only compliments the current contest, as it is completely optional and exclusive of any other prize drawing. I can also serve as the witness for the hole-in-one, therefore freeing up a volunteer or two that would have normally had to be on that hole for the entire day. After establishing a rapport with the players during the trick shot show, I  typically get an 80% rate of participation in the on course par 3 celebrity challenge; therefore I can come very close to recouping the normal fee for an event. I also give away vacation prizes for the contest winners. In addition, if your organization wishes, I will be happy to continue the Public Relations and entertainment by helping assist the emcee at the prize presentation or dinner function.


Using a Par 3 “Celebrity Challenge” I hit a golf shot with each group as part of their team and I raise revenue by giving them raffle tickets go into an separate drawing for five 2 Night Resort Vacation Packages which I give away as a guaranteed prize. Any one golfer hitting the green triples the tickets for their entire group. All the revenue raised goes back to your organization.

  • Brad does the Trick Shot Show and “Par 3 Celebrity Challenge”
  • 5 winners on the par 3 raffle:

Each winner receives:

  • 3 day 2 night vacations for two.
  • Players only contribute $10  if they want to participate at par 3. Players can use my tee shot for them as part of their team regardless of participation in the Celebrity Par 3 Challenge.

Par 3 Celebrity Challenge The numbers below represent the number of players in an event with the average “Celebrity Challenge” participation of 80%.

# Of players, 80%, x $10                       100    =    $800                                    120    =    $960                                    144    =    $1,150                                288    =    $2,300                                 350    =    $2,800   $1,000 – $3,000    Trick Shot Show Sponsor    $1,000 – $3,000   Par 3 Celebrity Challenge Sponsor

With 144 players and minimum sponsor amount  for the show and celebrity challenge, total raised is $1,000 + 1,000 + $1,150 = $3,150

Early Bird Special Details:

  • $1,250 Limited 1/2 Price Promotional Special: (Reserved for first 2 events booked for each calendar month)
  • $1,700 Tournament Pros Preferred Rate: ($800 off normal $2500, 32% discount). Tournament Pros brokered a special preferred rate for all of our clients in 2017, so even if you are not the first two events to book in each month, you can still have Brad’s entertainment at a our preferred rate.
  • Preferred rates plus travel, approximately $400 from Orlando FL


What your Sponsors Get: More BANG for their buck!

  • Trick Shot Show Sponsorship  = $1,000 – $3,000

Brad Denton will perform on your companies behalf and become your walking talking billboard for the day. You can have sign-age for your company on the driving range during the show. Brad will introduce your company representative to the crowd during the show and thank your company for your sponsorship.

  • On Course Celebrity Challenge = $1,000 – $3,000

While on the course with Brad, your company representative rubs elbows with the all of the participants. Your representative can give them your company information as well as collecting any cards or information from the players so that you can contact them about further interest in your services. Brad becomes your intro to the players and a Public Relations tool that insures your company and representative will be warmly received by the event participants.

Any board members that wish you may see Photos and Videos of the show with at



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