MedZone Pak

MedZone Activity PAK


Product Description

The PAK (Personal Activity Kit) is a combination kit that helps with an anti-chafe product, blister prevention, treatment for sunburns, cuts scrapes, floor burns, turf burns and managing pain, soreness, muscle aches before, during and after sports activity.
Packaged in an easy to carry PAK in convenient travel sizes. The products include 1 oz PainZone, 0.8 oz ChafeZone, 0.8 oz BlisterZone and 3 individual use packets of BurnZone. Convenient pack size makes it is easy to carry and great to take to running events, marathons, triathlons and tournaments for baseball, basketball, soccer, dance competitions and more. Used by kids and adults alike and for all levels of athlete.  As promoted on PGA Tour Radio on Sirius XM.
About the Activity PAK and Contents
  • Pack includes 1 oz pain zone; 0.8oz Chafe Zone; 0.8 oz blister zone; 3 pack of 0.125 oz burn zone; great for triathletes, runners, cyclists and team sports
  • Chafe Zone glides on to prevent chafing, rubbing and blisters; an effective friction barrier no matter what your activity
  • Pain zone is penetrating and fast acting topical relief from muscle aches and pains associated with exercise
  • Blister zone is designed with unique formula to prevent the friction that causes blisters; moisture resistant skin lubricant that is long lasting
  • Burn zone helps with taking the sting out of sunburn, turf burn, wood burn minor insect bites and more