Success by Committee

Putting on a golf outing is a MAJOR undertaking…especially one that produces net profits for your organization. To put it bluntly; it’s a lot of work! Besides starting early (at least 6 months before the day of the event), the most important thing you can do to is get help! There are so MANY important aspects to a successfully run tournament; venue, golfers, sponsors, prizes, auction, player gifts, raffle, pairings, format, food, beverage, accounting, volunteers, signs…and that’s just to name a few!  Research has shown that the optimum size for a committee is 9. But even ONE more person other than yourself will help! And yes, you CAN have TOO many cooks in the kitchen, so don’t get carried away with a 100 committee members :).  Here’s a little math for you to consider; what if a committe of 9 people each gets 4 foursomes. Care to guess how many golfers that translates to? 144. Voila! You have a full field (two foursomes on each tee)! But these 9 people can do so much more than get their friends to play (which is a great start!).Give each one a specific task (besides recruiting golfers and sponsors which each committee member should help with); just check the list at the beginning of this paragraph for ways to divide the workload. Just remember; whatever you do…don’t do it alone! And then afer forming your committee…make sure you call someone like Tournament Pros to help with all the day-of activities. One call takes care of it all!  800-790-4653

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