The Key To Raising $ At Your Charity Golf Outing…

…is to ask for it!!!! Everyone coming to your event expects to spend a little money…so don’t be afraid to
take it! But the key is to do so in subtle, yet entertaining ways!

Besides the obvious raffle tickets, mulligans and auction items, there are a few ways to “help” those
who want to help! You can sell a contest package right at registration that includes some fun contests
(and maybe even a few extra raffle tickets and mulligans).

OR…you can have a few contests at certain holes and collect money from each group as they come up to
that tee. These hole contests can be long drive, closest-to-the-pin, straightest drive, putting contest, etc.
Here at Tournament Pros, we can provide coverage for a few more “exotic” contests like $1000
for a shot within a 2-foot radius of the hole, or a $100K Shoot-out or a shot for $1,000,000!

Whichever contests you choose, the key is not to have one on every hole; the golfers expected
to spend some money, but not their whole paycheck! Spread out the contests over the whole
course, and just pick a few. The old expression that you don’t want to “nickle and dime” players
is as true as it ever was. You want everyone to come back next year with a smile…and their