Tournament Contest Package

The one time you absolutely have everyone’s undivided attention in your golf tournament is at the registration table. During the event you’re competing with birdies and beer and after play some may head home. At registration however, everyone (and yes, you should require EACH INDIVIDUAL to register) will be focused on receiving their assigned cart, starting hole #, pairings and goodie bag! In other words, now is the time to make your pitch! Now…instead of asking for $5 for this and $5 for that, you’d be much better off making them reach into their wallets (or purses) just once!  By bundling everything into one “contest package”, it actually gives you TWO chances to generate more revenue at the golf tournament; if they don’t buy the package at registration, then you can ask them to participate at the individual contests out on the golf course. So think about including some raffle tickets, a mulligan or two, and your contests (putting, closest-to-the-pin, long drive, etc.) all into one “contest package”. Just give them something to show your volunteers manning the contests out on the course that they’re “all in”.  Best of all, between the sponsorship dollars you’ve already raised, green fees already collected and now this contest package revenue you’ve generated at the registration table…you’re in the black before a ball is every struck! If you need some unique contests to help fill out your package…we’ll be glad to help! 800-790-4653

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