Volunteers Can Make or Break Your Golf Outing!

A charity golf tournament is a big undertaking. And the pay off is the day of the event…the smoother everything runs, the happier your golfers and attendees are. And the happier your golfers and attendees are…the bigger your event is bound to grow and the more money you’re bound to raise. The volunteers are truly¬†the face of your organization…at least on tournament day! From the registration table, to the tee boxes out on the course and the smiling faces at the dinner…these are the people your golfers see almost as much as their playing partners! The more information and instruction you can provide to them, the more likely they will preform their assigned tasks correctly. Give them clear, concise directions. Print up written material for them…and take the time to review their duties until your sure they understand what you need them to do. …and they repeat those directions back to you. Just because they’re not being paid, doesn’t mean they can fall asleep on the “job”. If you suspect some folks aren’t up to the task, don’t take any chances…find folks who are! And when all is said and done, these people need to be rewarded for their hard work: Give them their own goodie bag. Feed them. Most importantly…make sure to say thank-you. After all, they’re volunteering!!